Home Additions

If you are looking to make a big change in your home, look into remodeling! The Reno Guy Inc. can help you with a wide variety of home additions to create your ideal space. We are a general contractor that specializes in remodeling. Give us a call to discuss renovations like annexing a garage or performing deck repairs and we will give you an estimate. Your home is an extension of yourself, and you can trust us to help you design it just to your liking.

One of our main areas of expertise is creating beautiful spaces that connect you to the outdoors. Our custom decks and patio rooms can instantly give your home a more inviting appearance. Our services can also help you keep it maintained with repair services when you're in need. Another of our specialties are our exquisite sunroom additions. This type of renovation opens up your home and allows warming, natural beams of sunlight in, without exposing you to the wind or cold.

Our company can truly do almost anything! If you are looking to start on a big project call us up and we will do it for you. If you are interested in remodeling your home, call The Reno Guy Inc. in Welland, ON today.


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